May 222015

Why Summer Reading? (A message from your librarian)

While students may groan at the thought of our summer reading list, know that all of us at Holy Cross have their best interest at heart.  Did you know that students who don’t continue reading during the summer, can lose as much as a year’s reading level? You can read the benefits of summer reading in the article: Summer Reading Programs Boost Student Achievement on the School Library Journal.

Parents, I urge you to push your children to read this summer, past the required summer reading.  Here are some ideas:

1)      We are blessed with a wonderful public library system. Check out the summer reading programs at your nearby branch.  The Central Library just opened a fantastic area for teens!   Go to for information on what’s happening all over town.

2)      Model reading for your kids.  Do you read the newspaper, books, explore topics on the internet?  This has a powerful effect on your children.

3)      Visit bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books.  You don’t even have to buy anything. They love for people to just browse and read.

4)      Try our ebook library – just download the app for MackinVIA on your smart phone.  Pick Holy Cross of San Antonio. Username is the student’s ID number, Password is hcosa.  We have about 100 ebooks and audio books just waiting for your student to self-checkout.

5)      Reward them!   “Incentives” are always helpful.

Please email me if you have any questions or to tell me your success with your children!  They may also email me about the great books they are reading. ( Have a blessed summer.

– Mrs. Karen Braeuler

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