Sep 302014

Holy Cross Community:

Mr. Andy Flores, Holy Cross teacher, travels to Dallas with his wife every weekend to help take care of his grandson, baby Drew, who is only a few months old and has been diagnosed with a rare heart failure disease called left ventricle non-compaction.

The bus fare alone averages $480 a month and they still need to purchase food and other items.

To help offset this cost Mr. Flores has special wristbands which read, “GET WELL BABY DREW.”  If you would like to support Mr. Flores and his family, we encourage you to please make a donation of at least $5 and receive a wristband to wear proudly around campus.

In difficult times such as this, our Holy Cross family support makes a great difference.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request!

To learn more, please click this link:

Mr. Andy Flores can be reached at

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