Sep 302014

Holy Cross Community:

Below are a few reminders regarding the car line and parking at Holy Cross.

In order to help with the flow of traffic and to allow as many people in the front drop-off area by N San Felipe as possible, we would greatly appreciate it if you would pull forward as close to the exit as possible when stopping.  By doing so, you will allow more cars to enter into the drop-off area and we will avoid traffic lines for entry into the drop-off zone.  You will see our sign which reads, “STUDENT DROP-OFF HERE”.  Please be sure to drop off and pick up your children as close to that area as possible.

If you’re picking up your child and they are not waiting in the line, please park or exit and come back around.

When parking on the street, please be sure not to block the driveway of any of the houses in the neighborhood.

When parking, please be sure not to park in a handicapped space unless you have the appropriate placard and/or license plate to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Please feel free to contact the school if you have any questions.

Have a blessed week!

-Holy Cross Administration

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