Nov 242015



First of all, my brother,  Jaime Hernandez and brother in law, Edward Duran, graduated from Holy Cross in 1985 and 1987. We saw what a close,family oriented school it was back then and are very happy seeing the brotherhood /family values are stronger than ever. We were welcomed as though we never left.

Our son, David,  compared his 5 years of public school to his almost 2nd year at Holy Cross, as being a very positive change. He stated that students in public school rarely welcomed other students into certain groups of friends. David loved Holy Cross from the beginning. He was impressed with the upper class students checked on him his first few weeks at H.C. Other students invited him to join them during lunch and to toss a football after school.  David has said several times that he believes H.C. has made him more social and more confident.  He stated his teachers show true concern for the students. My husband and I agree that the faculty and staff have gone above and beyond their duty by keeping parents aware of functions, grades,  and other information.

Another great situation was when Mr. Galindo seriously took into consideration David’s suggestion about starting a bowling team. Immediately,  Ms. Calderon stepped up as the school bowling sponsor and we our proud to say it is Holy Cross’ inaugural year. It is rare for administration in other schools to help form a sporting team so quickly. The response has been great and the students and parents are enjoying this bowling season.

We also appreciate Holy Cross instilling pillars of character. The students are encouraged to be responsible, respectful, and prayerful. The school encompasses all that a parent hopes and wants for their children.

We can’t say enough good things about Holy Cross. It was and still is a great school with great faculty,  staff,  and families.

In Sincerity,

The Lundy Family

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