Oct 272015


Students will have the opportunity to show their Halloween spirit and dress up on Friday, Oct. 30th.

Dress Code and Guidelines

  • All dress code guidelines found in the student-handbook apply
  • Additional guidelines include:
    • To participate you must come to school fully dressed in an obvious costume
    • No bare midriffs or revealing clothing
    • No jeans, unless they are an integral part of the costume
    • No cross-dressing
    • No tank tops, spaghetti straps or bare shoulders
    • No shorts without leggings or tights for the ladies, and nothing shorter than the knee for the men
    • No skirts without leggings or tights
    • No flip-flops
    • No clothing that contains a product name representing alcohol or drugs
    • No costumes that would offend anyone (gender, race, sexuality, etc.)
    • No satanic/demonic costumes
    • Please note: If your costume has a mask, you may bring it to school to wear for our Halloween gathering but students are not allowed to wear them during the school day

Students should make their costume choices carefully. Be creative!  Do not come to school dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and say you are dressed for the 80’s or 90’s.

If you do not have a costume, please attend school in your uniform.

Students may elect to come to school in Spirit Dress attire for a $1 fee.  If you come to school dressed inappropriately, you will be sent home from school or receive a Saturday detention.

This Halloween dress-up day is meant to be fun, and student behavior on this day will affect future dress-up days. Please be respectful so that the student body can have future dress-up and spirit days.

Fridays Halloween Assembly will include a Costume Contest!

Prizes will be awarded for:



Most Original or Creative

Best Group Costume


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