Jan 092015

Today in Holy Cross History

January 10, 2011: Brother Daniel Durig, C.S.C.    1931 – 2011 In 1958, he moved to Vincent Hall Scholasticate at St. Edward’s University. For eight years, he cooked for over a hundred scholastic brothers.  After a brief stop at St. Francis in Mountain View, the Provincial House, and, again, at Vincent Hall, Brother Daniel returned to Holy Cross School in New Orleans where he oversaw food service and began a bakery. In 1973, Brother Daniel was elected to the Provincial Council and served in Austin, Texas. At the same time he took classes at St. Edward’s University and earned his B.A. degree in May 1976. Then, he accepted assignment as a teacher and, eventually, as local superior and candidate director at Holy Cross High School in San Antonio, Texas. In 1983, he was part of a group of four Brothers who established a new ministry at St. Anthony Parish in Casper, Wyoming. He stayed there until 1986.   After a year in New Orleans, he returned to Austin to help oversee the assisted living program at the Brother Vincent Pieau Residence on the campus of St. Edward’s  . There, he helped establish a kitchen and food service program for the Brothers at St. Joseph Hall. After a short stint in Beaumont, Texas, Brother Daniel returned briefly to Austin before being appointed Director of the local community at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California. In 2008, he moved once again to Holy Cross in San Antonio, Texas, where he took up a ministry of baking cookies to be sold to support the Brazilian missions.

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