Sep 292014

Dear Knights,

Thanks to all the Knights who supported the third annual President’s Blue and Gold Gala. It was a great night and a tremendous benefit for the school. Save the date for next year, September 19, 2015.

Please note that the next alumni association meeting is Wednesday, October 1st at 7PM / HC Library. See the agenda below. Also, make sure to send this note to your classmates.

Calendar events:

September 26th – Friday at 5:00PM – Tailgate at Holy Cross

October 25th – Homecoming recognition 10 years of coeducation

November 2th – Dollars for Scholars Golf Tournament


Paul Martinez, PhD

Holy Cross Alumni President

Class of 1984

Holy Cross Alumni Association Agenda / October 1stmeeting at 7PM – HC Library

Welcome / Opening Prayer


Financial Reports

·Gala Report

·School Report

·Association Report

·Funding request

*Student Recruitment / School Visits- $1750; note we sponsored last year

*Student Transportation – $2,500 (Bus maintenance )

*Student Transportation – purchase bus ~ $15,000

Election of new officers

·Election date November 11 or 13


Softball Tournament

·Overview of committees and procedures

·Appoint committee chairs

Golf Tournament

·Alumni assumes responsibilities in 2015

·Shadow class of 1988

·Promote date Sunday, November 2, 2014 at Silverhorn Golf Club


Next meeting November 11 or 13th – Election Day

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