Sep 242014

Dear Knights,

Thanks to all the Knights who supported the third annual President’s Blue and Gold Gala. It was a great night and a tremendous benefit for the school. Save the date for next year, September 19, 2015.

Please note that the next alumni association meeting is Wednesday, October 1st at 7PM / HC Library. See the agenda below. Also, make sure to send this note to your classmates.

Calendar events:

September 26th – Friday at 5:00PM – Tailgate at Holy Cross

October 25th – Homecoming recognition 10 years of coeducation

November 2th – Dollars for Scholars Golf Tournament


Paul Martinez, Ph.D.

Holy Cross Alumni President

Class of 1984

Holy Cross Alumni Association Agenda / October 1stmeeting at 7PM – HC Library

Welcome / Opening Prayer


Financial Reports

  • Gala Report
  • School Report
  • Association Report
  • Funding request

*Student Recruitment / School Visits – $1750; note we sponsored last year
*Student Transportation – $2,500 (Bus maintenance )
*Student Transportation – purchase bus ~ $15,000

Election of new officers

  • Election date November 11 or 13
  • Procedure

Softball Tournament

  • Overview of committees and procedures
  • Appoint committee chairs

Golf Tournament

  • Alumni assumes responsibilities in 2015
  • Shadow class of 1988
  • Promote date Sunday, November 2, 2014 at Silverhorn Golf Club


Next meeting November 11 or 13th – Election Day

Closing prayer

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