Jun 242014


Joseph Pena, soon to be Sophomore at Holy Cross of San Antonio, competed in the USAPL State Championship in April. His total lifts qualified him to compete in the National Championship on July 20, 2014  in Denver, Colorado.

We would like to ask for your assistance in getting him to the national championship meet.

  • The estimated cost of the trip is $4,000
    • This includes everything for Joseph, his two parents and coach.
    • This will include air fare, rental car, hotel, meet fees, and meals.

The family is going to have a gift basket raffle with adult beverages.

The Aasgaard Company, in care of Mark Rippetoe, author of  Starting Strength System,  sponsored Joseph for $500.

For more information on sponsorship or for purchasing raffle tickets, please contact Mr. Pena, Joseph’s father at jp_pena@yahoo.com or 210-325-0528 (mobile).

If you want to learn more about Joseph, please view the information below!

Joseph Accomplishments include:

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