Jun 232014

On May 20, 2014, Miss Mallory Ozuna, Class of 2014, signed her commitment letter to attend and play volleyball at Texas Southern University (TSU) in Houston, Texas.

Miss Ozuna is the State Champion in Girls’ Discus.  Miss Ozuna is the First Female Athlete at Holy Cross to achieve State Champion status.  She threw the discus 106 ft. and 8 inches on her last throw to win the event which earned her a gold medal.

On her official signing day, Miss Ozuna was accompanied by her volleyball coaches and team as well as her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Ozuna.

Congratulations to Miss Mallory J. Ozuna, Class of 2014!


HIGHLIGHTS: Congratulations Mallory Ozuna!

Mr. & Mrs. Sonny Ozuna shown with their daughter Miss Mallory J. Ozuna on May 20, 2014.

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