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Corporal Jesus “Jesse” Robledo class of 1967, member of the U. S. Marines was killed in Viet Nam on August 21, 1968. Today, a group of Holy Cross Alumni gathered at Sacred Heart Church for a memorial Mass. Jesse and many of those attending graduated from Sacred Heart Elementary School before enrolling at Holy Cross. Among those attending were Jesse’s mother and younger brother, Thomas Robledo ’68. Other alumni were: Sam Martin ’68, Roger Gomez ’68, Roger Hernandez ’67, Hector Moreno ’68, Roger Trevino ’68, Robert Galvan ’67, Gerard “Buster” Galvan ’68, Dr. Roger Arredondo ’67, Gene Chavez ’67, Robert Ramirez ’67 and Jimmy Aguilar ’67.

Sam Martin presented Mrs. Robledo with a U. S. Flag and a framed collection of medals and recognitions earned by Jesse. The original awards were lost in a fire. It is believed that Jesse is the only alumnus killed in the Viet Nam War.

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  1. I have contacted Arturo Alvarez, He just happens to be a member to the same VFW Post that I do. I’ve also contacted Mrs. Roush, who has led me to David Crawley, who was in the first platoon while Jesse was in the second, and fought side by side,during combat in Vietnam.
    My sincere thanks to Holy Cross for having this medium in which to communicate so much for so many.
    Thomas Robledo

  2. My name is Arturo Alvarez I serviced in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969 with the same unit Jesse did. Though I did not ever get to meet him because I did not get there until Decemeber of 68. But I want to make contact with his family. Our company Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines just held our reunion here in San Antonio from August 19 through 22. Just last week I wish I had found someone from his family we would have invited them to our reunion. Please forward this note to the Robledo family. I would like to meet them but most of all at our reunion there was one Marine that served with him that asked me if I knew him and wants to meet the family. thank you for help in making contact with my fallen Brothers family. Semper Fidelis

    210-633-0778 or 210-215-6671

  3. On August 21, 2010 I went to a Kilo-3-1 Marine Reunion here in San Antonio at the Holiday Inn Tropicana Hotel. In a conversation with one of our marines, the name Jesus Robledo was brought up and how he has made many efforts to contact any member of his family. The fact that he told me this person was from San Antonio, TX. I assured him I would make every effort to locate a family member.Hopefully I will hear back

    Stella Roush

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