Senior Theology – Christianity (-ies) Project

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Sep 152015

Welcome House Churches!

Here you will find helpful and reliable information that will guide your research on your particular type of Christianity.


1) Try different search terms to see which gives the best results.

EXAMPLE: If your denomination is Methodist try “Methodist Church”, “Methodist”, “Methodists”, “Methodism” or “Methodis*”

2) Grab the citation at the start when you find something helpful!!!!  You can make a Word or Google doc to go alongside your research to note these. This will become your bibliography.

3) NoodleTools is a great resource for keeping your research together! Just go to and build your own account or open your existing one.


This one also gives great website suggestions for the denomination.

(This is a specialized Google search that will only give you great websites. Use it instead of full Google to get better results.

Mr. Forman’s Go-To Websites:

PBS Religion and Ethics

FYI: Noodle Tools log in info:

ACCESS at school or home from the school website:  Academics -> Library Resources -> Library Homepage-> Citation Tools -> Noodle Tools
(Or from
Teachers and students sign in for the first time with USERNAME: hcosa1 and PASSWORD: hcosa2.  You will then be asked to log in as a new user and you will set your own username/password which is retrievable!

Ask Mrs. Braeuler for help if you need it!

Theology III Social Analysis Group Project

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Apr 072015

1. Best Databases:

Gale Student Resources In Context (on Library Homepage)

EBSCO Points of View Reference Center (on Library Homepage),uid&site=pov&return=y

2. Best Search Engine

Sweet Search  (Authoritative searches for school research)

3. Best Social Justice/Catholic perspective websites: (UN: pweber PW: holycross) (US Bishops website)

4. Books:

Holy Cross Library Catalog (see Library Homepage – Catalog Tab)

5.  Research Creation Tool:

Noodle Tools

(log in to set up your own account with UN/PW: hcosa1/hcosa2)

6.  Help with In Text Citations:  Purdue Owl

And remember, your friendly librarian is always available to help you!

Sophomore Theology – Moral Issue Resources

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Apr 062015

Background info:

Holy Cross Library Catalog

(Look for books in our library to check out)


(Authoritative web search engine for student research)


DATABASES: Click on the links below.  Password is hcosa for both.

Point of View Reference Center,uid&site=pov&return=y

Gale Student Resources in Context:


Church Teachings:

Vatican Website:

(Use the Search on the right….it’s great!)


Catechism of the Catholic Church:

(Searchable by actual words in catechism…so try different terms)



(Has a wealth on info from the bishops and all kinds of other authoritative church sources.

Use the search box or try the different tabs)


Citation help:

Purdue Owl: (In text citations)

And remember, your friendly librarian is always available to help you.


Noodle Tools:

A WONDERFUL tool for taking notes, building an outline, creating citations,  creating works cited page, writing papers.

“Create a Personal ID” –> Password: hcosa2  (then make your own log on id)

Go here for a tutorial on getting started on your project:

CHURCH TRADITIONS: Hallmarks of Christendom

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Oct 222014

Here are some great online resources for your project:

(All have hcosa for passwords)

New Catholic Encyclopedia

EBSCO Religion and Philosopy database,uid&profile=thg

World Book

Citation and organizing help:

Noodle Tools

Create an account first using hcosa 1/hcosa2 for username/password

May 012012

Background Info – From Databases, Search Engine, Websites, Library Catalog (Gale-PW is lonestar) (Gale-PW is lonestar) (Authoritative web search engine for student research) (UN: pweber…PW: holycross)

Holy Cross Library Catalog (Look for books in our library for check out)

Citation help:

Knight Cite: (Builds citations for you!)

Purdue Owl: (Help with all kinds of questions like how to cite parenthetical material!)

And remember, your friendly librarian is always available to help you.

Nov 032011

A great new series for checking into various careers:

Travel and Tourism Careers

Creative and Media Careers

Sports and Leisure Careers

Retail Careers

Hospitality and Catering Careers

Health and Social Careers

(These titles can be found in the College and Career shelves near the computer room.)

 Intriguing new fiction titles:

 Wonderstruck by David Selznick– Drawings tell one story and text tells the other.  Two creative, wonderful stories.  From one of Mrs. Braeuler’s favorite authors. 

 Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw– “A genuinely scary premise about what might happen is some people were born able to see through the veil between the living and the dead…deliciously shivery” (The Times – London)

The Blackhope Enigma by Teresa Flavin – A creepy castle with a strange labyrinth takes 14 year old Sunni and her step brother into intrigue

Queen of Hearts by Martha Brooks – Historical fiction centering on a girl and her two young siblings confined to a tuberculosis hospital in Canada during World War II.  Reviews call it “absolutely absorbing,” and “a moving portrait of hope.”

All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin – Chocolate is banned, caffeine is illegal, the city is riddled with crime, and Anya is torn between accepting her birthright and following her heart. Set all around futuristic New York City.

Deep Zone by Tim Green – the bestselling sports fiction author brings another story.  “This 7 on 7 is more like 1 on 1.” (from the cover)   

Plus several engaging non-fiction titles hot off the 2011 presses!

Cesar Chavez: Crusader for Labor Rights

How to analyze the Works of Andy Warhol

The Cold War

The Holocaust

A Guy’s Guide – Game Face: Handling Sports on and Off the Field

A Guy’s Guide – Surviving School: Managing School and Career Paths

Mahatma Gandhi: Proponent of Peace

How to Analyze the Works of Georgia O’Keefe

Heroes Among Us – this work, autographed for Holy Cross students by journalist John Quinones chronicles the lives of several real life heroes.

Oct 242011
Don’t miss…
Scary Story Fest
October 31 (of course)
3:15 – 4:30
in the Library




Come tell your best scary story…a legend…an original…a true tale!  come listen or tell. 

But leave your FEAR at the door!

Snacks, prizes for the best story and telling and lots of gory, creepy, thrilling fun.

Oct 132011

Mr. Forman’s Theology I – Saints and Holy Ones Library Resources

Please keep in mind as you work with information that EVERY source needs citation. (This includes pictures!)


On Reserve for your class:

  • Several collective biographies
  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints (multi-volume set)

New Catholic Encyclopedia (in Reference shelf):

  • Great resource for looking up your saint

Biography section (shelves in corner)

  • Use this to look up individual books about your saint. 

Browse shelf or use Library Catalog -> -.Academics -> Library Resources -> HC Library Catalog

 ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (databases/websites)

1)     Saint information websites (authoritative):

 2)     Gale Virtual Reference Library  (see below for access)

  • This has an e-version of the Catholic Encyclopedia

Access from -> Library Resources -> Databases: Gale -> Password: lonestar -> select publication->Religion-> New Catholic Encyclopedia-> Put search term in box on left (use this for further info on saint)

3)  Gale Biography in Context (BEST BET FOR INFO)

Use this link. Password is lonestar.  Scroll down to this database.  It is excellent.  We have it on a trial basis until October 26.  Let me know what you think.  This has good REFERENCE information and IMAGES.

May 032011

Please start at this web site .

One third of the class will be directed to start at the top of the list, one third at the bottom, and the remaining students will start with Schmoop and work down.  Hopefully, this will result in every web site being evaluated.  Use the Informational Web Page Test sheet as a guide for evaluating each web site.  On a separate sheet of paper list the name of the web site and write down your comments on why you thought the web site was a hoax or real.  Specifically list sites you used to gain further information about the web site being investigated, and what you learned from those web sites.

Links to help you evaluate: 

EasyWhoIs–who publishes the site?–What is the site history?—“… the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.”

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Apr 112011

Slavery Resources

Gale Databases – Gale Virtual Reference Library – History – American Civil War Reference Library – search for Slavery

 Gale Databases – Student Resource Center Junior – Slavery (Popular Topics, second column)

 ProQuest – type login, then click on My Products Page – SIRS Discoverer – Search for Slavery

 World Book – World Book Student – Search for Slavery

Africans in America

Slavery in America

Digital History

Children & Youth in History

African tribes and the slave trade

Slavery Africa, Europe, and Jamaica

The African American: A Journey from Slavery to Freedom

 Slave Ships South Carolina

The African Slave Trade in the Atlantic World

 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

 Islam Resources

 Gale Databases – Gale Virtual Reference Library – Religion — World Religions Reference Library – search for Islam

Gale Databases – Gale Virtual Reference Library – Religion — Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices — search for Islam

 ProQuest – type login, then click on My Products Page – SIRS Discoverer – Search for Islam

 World Book – World Book Student – Search for Islam

 Russian Revolution Resources

 Digital Knowledge Central – Encyclopædia Britannica – Search for Russian Revolution, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin

 ProQuest – type login, then click on My Products Page – SIRS Discoverer – Search for Russian Revolution 1917

 World Book – World Book Student – Search for Russian Revolution of 1917

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