Oct 262010

Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Presentation+Tools
This website has a wide range of tools you can use for your lessons, or as alternatives for your students’ reports.
Presentation Tools
Collaborative Tools
Research Tools
Video Tools
Slideshow Tools
Audio Tools
Image Tools
Drawing Tools
Writing Tools
Music Tools
Organising Tools
Converting Tools
Mapping Tools
Quiz and Poll Tools
Graphing Tools
Creativity Tools
File Storage & Web Pages
Other Helpful Sites

I only checked a few of the presentation tools, but most are free and offer a school login. Do test the sites at school to ensure they aren’t blocked by our filters.

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Oct 042010
General Research Internet Searching MLA Citations
Online Writing Lab (OWL) Handouts and exercises to sharpen your research skills Bare Bones 101 Tutorial on searching with Boolean logic Citation Style for Research Papers The MLA link provides a color-coded explanation of different citations.
Internet Public Library Teenspace Research paper help in teen-friendly format Find Information: Advanced Web Searching Hone your search skills for better Internet results. KnightCite Need help with your MLA citations?  Just fill-in-the blanks at KnightCite.
LEO: Literacy Education Online Tips on citing, paraphrasing, etc. Search Engine Showdown Maximize your search skills. NoodleBib Express Select the type of citation and create!
Primary Sources and Real World Data First-hand account information. Searching for the Grail? Power Searching With Digital Logic This article serves as a good search engine tutorial. bibmeSearch for a book, article, or website and bibme does the rest!
School District of Springfield Township (PA) Online Research Guide Left your Bud’s Manual at school and need help at home-help is here! Internet TutorialsWeb Overview, Search Tools, Search Techniques, and Finding Content.  EasyBibStep-by step citations, with Autocite.
  Infotopia – A Google academic search engine that searches only trusted websites selected by librarians, teachers, and library education consortia. Son of Citation MachineInteractive web tool for creating your citations.
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