Apr 122012

Across the nation, the school library is being recognized as a key element in student success. Our library has resources for student research, recreational reading, current events reading and is the setting for all kinds of events during the year to challenge the minds and hearts of students.  One student recently said our library was “like home.”  In honor of this special month, many activities have been planned to bring students together in learning and creativity.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 Make Origami in  Library 4 5 Harry Potter Club 6 Blessed Easter 7 Blessed Easter
8 Belssed Easter 9 Blessed Easter 10    Big            Screen          Gaming 11 12Harry Potter Club 13 Big Screen Gaming 14
15          100th Anniversary of Titanic Sinking 16 Download Free Music with San Antonio Public Library Teen Services 17 Make Fiesta Decorations 18 19 Harry Potter Club 20 Decorate Library for Fiesta 21
22 23  Quidditch on Soccer Field 24  Be a poet: Create Haiku        Haiku 25 26 27Happy Fiesta 28
29 30  Nook Drawing!          

All activites start right after school in the library.  Quidditch game (Harry Potter style, except flying) will be played on the soccer field.  Everyone is invited!  Don’t forget to earn tickets for the e-reader drawing by using library services and resources. You can earn 1 ticket per school day!