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This DVD set can be used by classes other than World History.  Please look at the descriptions and make notes in your scopes and sequences.  For example, Art History would be interested in “Engineering and Empire: Da Vinci’s World” on disc 16.

AV DVD 909 WOR World History: Beginnings to the New World

Disc 1 Beginnings of Civilization

  • Ape Man: The Human Puzzle
  • Digging for the Truth: Kings of the Stone Age
  • In Search of History: The Fate of the Neanderthals
  • Ancient Discoveries: Riots and Revolution

Disc 2 The Chinese Empire

  • Engineering an Empire: China
  • Ancient China: Agriculture
  • Modern marvels: The Great Wall of China
  • Forbidden City: The Dynasty and Destiny

Disc 3 The Eastern World

  • Barbarians: Mongols
  • Ancients Behaving Badly: Genghis Khan

Disc 4 The Eastern World, cont.

  • Ottoman Empire: The War Machine
  • Warrior Empire: The Mughals

Disc 5 Russia/The Middle East

  • Engineering and Empire: Russia
  • In Search of History: The Romanovs
  • Engineering and Empire: Egypt

Disc 6 Russia/The Middle East, cont.

  • Engineering and Empire: The Persians
  • Secrets of the Koran Parts I & II

Disc 7 The Americas

  • Digging for the Truth: Stonehenge of the Americas
  • Engineering an Empire: The Maya: Death Empire
  • In Search of History: The Lost City of the Incas

Disc 8 The Americas, cont.

  • Ancient Mysteries: The Aztec Empire
  • Mexican-American War
  • Panama Canal

Disc 9 Greece

  • Engineering an Empire: Greece
  • The True Story of Hannibal

Disc 10 Greece, cont.

  • Ancient Mysteries: Odyssey of Troy
  • Lost Worlds: Athens: Supercity
  • Ancient Greece: Modern Ship Building
  • Battles BC: Alexander: Lord of War 

Disc 11 Rome

  • Ancient Mysteries: Pompeii: Buried Alive
  • Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire: Julius Caesar
  • The Great Empire Rome:  The Republic of Rome

Disc 12 Rome, cont.

  • Barbarians: The Huns
  • Barbarians: The Goths

Disc 13 The Rise of Christianity

  • The Rise of Christianity
  • The Dark Ages

Disc 14 The Byzantine Empire

  • Engineering an Empire: The Byzantines
  • Cities of the Underworld: Gods of War (Turkey)

Disc 15 The Middle Ages

  • The Crusades: Crescent & the Cross (Part I)
  • The Crusades: Crescent & the Cross (Part II)

Disc 16 The Renaissance

  • Scourge of the Black Death
  • Engineering and Empire: Da Vinci’s World
  • The Medici Assassination
  • Ancient Mysteries: The Borgias

Disc 17 Britain

  • Stonehenge Secrets Revealed
  • The Conquerors: William the Conqueror
  • Engineering an Empire: Britain: Blood and Steel

Disc 18 France

  • Joan of Arc: Virgin Warrior
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: The Glory of France
  • The French Revolution

Disc 19 Africa

  • Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?
  • Skeletons on the Sahara
  • Suez Canal: Then and Now

Disc 20 New World

  • Leif Ericson: Voyages of a Viking
  • Columbus: Explorer of the New World
  • Who Really Discovered America?
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