Oct 262011

Dual Credit Government Final Assignment Resources

1)     EBSCO  History Research Center : http://search.ebscohost.com (username/password holycross/cross)

Put the case or legislation inside “quote marks“ so the database will look for those terms in that sequence.  You can add other search terms to that, such as “War Powers Act” AND effect.  Use limiters Full Text, and others if necessary.

Friendly suggestionJ – Make an account in EBSCO so you can save the articles that will be useful for your paper.  You can access these at home or school. 

2)      Holy Cross Library Catalog

3)     Annuals of America (in library)

4)     Supreme Court Decisions http://www.supremecourtus.gov/opinions/opinions.html

5)     Supreme Court Decisions 1937-1975 http://www.supcourt.ntis.gov/

6)     Supreme Court Decisions 1992-2000 http://www.fedbbs.access.gpo.gov.court01.html

Oct 242011
Don’t miss…
Scary Story Fest
October 31 (of course)
3:15 – 4:30
in the Library




Come tell your best scary story…a legend…an original…a true tale!  come listen or tell. 

But leave your FEAR at the door!

Snacks, prizes for the best story and telling and lots of gory, creepy, thrilling fun.

Oct 132011

Mr. Forman’s Theology I – Saints and Holy Ones Library Resources

Please keep in mind as you work with information that EVERY source needs citation. (This includes pictures!)


On Reserve for your class:

  • Several collective biographies
  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints (multi-volume set)

New Catholic Encyclopedia (in Reference shelf):

  • Great resource for looking up your saint

Biography section (shelves in corner)

  • Use this to look up individual books about your saint. 

Browse shelf or use Library Catalog -> www.holycross-sa.com -.Academics -> Library Resources -> HC Library Catalog

 ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (databases/websites)

1)     Saint information websites (authoritative):

 2)     Gale Virtual Reference Library  (see below for access)

  • This has an e-version of the Catholic Encyclopedia

Access from www.holycross-sa.com -> Library Resources -> Databases: Gale -> Password: lonestar -> select publication->Religion-> New Catholic Encyclopedia-> Put search term in box on left (use this for further info on saint)

3)  Gale Biography in Context (BEST BET FOR INFO)


Use this link. Password is lonestar.  Scroll down to this database.  It is excellent.  We have it on a trial basis until October 26.  Let me know what you think.  This has good REFERENCE information and IMAGES.