Senior Theology – Christianity (-ies) Project

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Sep 152015

Welcome House Churches!

Here you will find helpful and reliable information that will guide your research on your particular type of Christianity.


1) Try different search terms to see which gives the best results.

EXAMPLE: If your denomination is Methodist try “Methodist Church”, “Methodist”, “Methodists”, “Methodism” or “Methodis*”

2) Grab the citation at the start when you find something helpful!!!!  You can make a Word or Google doc to go alongside your research to note these. This will become your bibliography.

3) NoodleTools is a great resource for keeping your research together! Just go to and build your own account or open your existing one.


This one also gives great website suggestions for the denomination.

(This is a specialized Google search that will only give you great websites. Use it instead of full Google to get better results.

Mr. Forman’s Go-To Websites:

PBS Religion and Ethics

FYI: Noodle Tools log in info:

ACCESS at school or home from the school website:  Academics -> Library Resources -> Library Homepage-> Citation Tools -> Noodle Tools
(Or from
Teachers and students sign in for the first time with USERNAME: hcosa1 and PASSWORD: hcosa2.  You will then be asked to log in as a new user and you will set your own username/password which is retrievable!

Ask Mrs. Braeuler for help if you need it!