Sep 162012

2012 High School Football Schedule

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  1. Looks terrible. lol
    It looks like the schedule’s been reversed from past seasons! Why couldn’t we fit in St. Anthony? Why couldn’t CC and both districts rearrange the schedule to have the Holy Bowl as the last game? I’m sure they could have accomnodated the schedule for the big game.

    • The schedule looks different because we’ve changed districts for at least the next 2 years. There’s no way to keep Holy Bowl late in the season as neither team would want to risk injury that late in the season in a non district game. Besides, Holy Bowl is going to be a big game no matter when it’s played.

  2. I miss the games at Holy Cross. I know the field isn’t the best condition but I loved going to a cool/crisp Saturday afternoon game at Cross. I wish I could donate money to the school and have the field updated. State of the Art type. But of course, I would donate the same amount of $$$ to the school for academic use.

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