Oct 102010

Printable Football Schedule


Day     Date         Opponent                  Site                        Time

Sat    August 14          Rocksprings (S)              Kerrville                          10:00am

Fri     August 20          Harlandale (S)                Harlandale Stadium          7:00pm

Fri     August 27          Somerset                         Somerset                      7:30pm

Fri     September 3      TMI                                  TMI                               7:30pm

Fri     September 10    Southside                        Southside                      7:30pm

Fri     September 17    Lytle                                Lytle                             7:30pm

Sat    September 25    Brownsville St. Joseph *  St. Joseph                      3:00pm

Sat    October 2          Victoria St. Joseph *       Harlandale Memorial Stadium      7:00pm

Sat    October 9           St. Anthony *                  Holy Cross                    3:00pm

Fri    October 15          OPEN

Sat   October 23          Austin St. Michael’s *      Harlandale Memorial Stadium       7:00pm

Fri    October 29          Antonian *                       Antonian                       7:30pm

Fri   November 5          Central Catholic *            Central Catholic              7:30pm


Day     Date         Opponent                  Site                        Time

Thur    August 26      Somerset                      Holy Cross                         5:00pm

Thur    September 2  TMI                               Holy Cross                         5:00pm

Thur    September 9   Southside                     Holy Cross                         4:30pm

Thur    September 16  Lytle                            Holy Cross                         4:00pm

Thur    September 23  St. Anthony                 St. Anthony                        4:00pm

Thur    September 30  Central Catholic          Holy Cross                           5:00pm

Thur    October 7         OPEN

Thur    October 14       Antonian                     Antonian                            5:00pm

Thur    October 21       St. Michael’s               Austin                                5:00pm

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  4 Responses to “Football Schedule”

  1. So, will the pep rally for the Holy Bowl be held the night before (Thursday Night) the game or during the day Friday as an pm activity for the students?

  2. Thanx. I wonder why Central wants the game on a Friday night. I missed the ’04 game because of it. A Friday night game, at the dome and we won.

    • It’s their home game this year and they’ve decided to play it on Friday. No big deal. Our football team plays well on any day of the week.

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