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Do you want to use YouTube™ videos in your classroom? Does your district block access? The vast majority of school districts do use internet filters to prevent students and teachers from accessing YouTube, and with good reason. There is a lot of inappropriate content available on the site, and that content changes rapidly. In fact, every minute more than 24 hours of video is uploaded to the YouTube site.

But there is also a wealth of good information on YouTube, and many videos could be very beneficial in instruction at all grade levels and across all content areas. That’s where Gaggle comes in! Based on requests from educators, we developed GaggleTube, allowing searches of appropriate videos with an added layer of Gaggle safety, while still allowing the district to block direct access to the YouTube website.

Teachers can search and preview videos, tag or save them, and show them directly from Gaggle, full screen. Videos can also be embedded in blogs to promote discussions outside of the classroom. Students can be given their own version of GaggleTube, allowing them to view only videos approved by educators. And we’re developing an extension of the feature that will allow uploading to YouTube by teachers, or by students after teacher approval, so your kids can share their original creations with their peers and the world.

You’ll find the GaggleTube icon on your left panel, and student settings are on the lower section of the Advanced tab on the School Setup page. If you’d like to add the ability to upload videos, you’ll need a school YouTube account set up, which our customer service department will be happy to help you with. Keep in mind that no filtering system can catch everything all the time, so be sure you watch and listen to any video you might want to use before you show it to your class. And although you have the option to allow students to search filtered video on their own, you might want to reserve that for older students or special temporary projects.

With GaggleTube and a few minutes of previewing, the world of YouTube video can bring an exciting new dimension to your classroom!

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