Jun 052015

The 2014-2015 Golden Knights Dance Team had a very successful school year, from winning Grand Champions at MA Summer Camp to becoming Grand National Champions and High Point Winners at Redline Nationals. Way to go, ladies! The Dance Team also performed at pep rallies, football games, and basketball games. They participated in community service events throughout the year. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

2014-2015 Golden Knights Dance Team (Left to Right) Raquel, Destiny, Jenessa (Lt. Colonel), Jessica (Colonel), Lizzy (Lt. Colonel), Bernadette, Jasmin. (Bottom row, L to R) Georgia, Yesenia, Korina

2014-2015 Golden Knights Dance Team: Top Row- Jasmin, Bernadette, Jessica (Colonel), Destiny, Raquel; Bottom Row- Korina, Jenessa (Lt. Colonel), Lizzy (Lt. Colonel), Georgia, Yesenia

Redline Nationals 2015- The Golden Knights won Two National Championships in Pom and HipHop, High Point with Pom, earning the highest score in the entire competition, and Grand National Champions.Congratulations, ladies!

Power Dance Nationals- 2nd place in Pom, 2nd place in HipHop, 2nd place in Jazz, and 4th place in Lyrical in the Allstar Division. The Holy Cross parents won the Parent Spirit Challenge.

Holy Cross Jazz at Power Dance Nationals 2015

The Golden Knights Won 1st Place in HipHop at Showmakers O'Connor. They won 1st Place Overall, 2nd in Pom, 3rd in Jazz, Division 1 Elite with Lyrical, Outstanding Choreography, and Outstanding Showmanship.

The Dance Team performed in the 2014 Holy Cross Christmas Play.

(Left to Right) Destiny, Jessica (Colonel), Jasmin, Jenessa (Lt. Colonel), and Lizzy (Lt. Colonel) performed a Lyrical routine at the Texas State ShowMakers Competition

Halloween Football Game 2014

Golden Knights Dance Team Halftime Show 2014

Grand Champions at MA Summer Camp 2014

Apr 112012

Acoustic Night

Come watch our students display their musical talents at Acoustic Night. Students will perform live onstage for your listening pleasure so come out and enjoy what is always a memorable occasion.

Date: Saturday, April 14

Location: Convocation Center

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Admission: $3.00

Proceeds will support the Holy Cross mission work in Brazil.

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Nov 152011


· December 5, 2011 – Board Meeting

· December 12, 2011 – General Meeting


· February 6, 2012 – Board Meeting

· February 27, 2012 – General Meeting


· March 5, 2012 – Board Meeting


· April 9, 2012 – Board Meeting

· April 23, 2012 – General Meeting


· May 7, 2012 – General Meeting for Election of 2012-2013 Officers

· May 28, 2012 – Board Meeting (with new officers)

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Oct 052011


WEDNESDAY, OCT. 26 AT 6:00 p.m.

Holy Cross Convocation Center

Come learn why Holy Cross of San Antonio shines for the rest of the world.  Learn about our traditions and expectations.  See how you can add to the light!  Tour our campus and meet students, teachers, administrators and coaches.


You will be able to register for the placement test and set up a shadow day during the open house.  Call 433-2178 for more information.