Jun 292016

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Kent Thiry Foundation Scholarship Awarded to Chris Silva ’18

DaVita is a healthcare provider for End Stage Renal Disease patients. This award is named after our Mayor (CEO) Kent Thiry, who founded this scholarship to help the families of our hard working and dedicated teammates.

Chris Silva (Sr.) is one of the nurses at the Da Vita clinic. He and his son applied for this prestigious scholarship about 3-6 months ago and were awarded  $2,000 toward academics. Chris Sr. is one of my best teammates and exemplifies leadership, compassion and steadfast morals. This foundation that Chris Sr. has set for his son has molded Chris Jr. to be an overwhelming favorite to win this award. Chris Jr. is a scholar in every significance of the word as his father brags to his teammates and his patients DAILY about his son’s achievements. I am proud to see such a man grow in the Holy Cross system as I know Chris will be one of those graduates that people look up to and remember.

The attached  photo is of the Silva Family after receiving the award. The clinic, Chris Sr.’s teammates and senior leadership at this celebration to present this award and celebrate this prominent achievement.

Congratulations, Chris!

A special thank you to Tony Cisneros, MBA ‘06

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