May 172016


The application for tuition assistance for the 2016-2017 academic year is now available.

Please CLICK HERE to download it. Once complete, please submit your application to the Holy Cross Business Office.

Have a blessed day.

May 162016


To the Players, Parents, Alumni and Supporters of the Holy Cross Knight Football:

The Holy Cross Knights are sponsoring the annual KNIGHT OF CHAMPIONS LIFT-A-THON on May 20, 2016 at Holy Cross.

Each player will get $.05 or $.10 per pound donations or flat donations (preferred).  If the donation is by the pound it will be the result of the players combined bench, dead lift and clean.  We are asking each player to get a minimum pledge of $250.  The first $200  of their amount raised will go to the summer strength and conditioning and MVP performance camp.  The next $50 will go to the purchase of an End Zone Camera and Tripod.

PROCEDURES:  Each participant with the help of his parents/friends will seek sponsors to donate any amount towards the lift-a-thon.  The athlete will acquire a pledge per pound or flat donation and record it neatly and accurately on the form given to them.  Flat donations should be turned in the day of the lift-a-thon and any pledges per pound should be turned in no later than the 27th of May (7 days after the lift- a-thon).  Please make check payable to Holy Cross of San Antonio.


May 162016


8th Grader receives Girl Scout Silver Award

Aubrey Urias  is an 8th grader at Holy Cross of San Antonio. Aubrey has been part of the Girl Scouts for 8 years now where she started at the rank of Daisy and has worked her way on becoming a Cadette and will bridge soon to become a Senior Girl Scout and eventually an Ambassador.

This weekend Aubrey was honored and the recipient of the Girl Scout Silver Award which is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn at her level  The Girl Scout Silver Award symbolizes accomplishments in Girl Scouting for girls in 6th through 8th grades who work to better their lives and the lives of others. The Silver Award helps girls to develop their leadership and organizational skills and encourages girls to step outside their comfort zones by making a commitment not only to seek self-improvement but to think about how they can improve the community, gently moving them from the role of spectator to advocate. The Silver Award is a minimum 60 hour project and takes nearly two years to achieve, firmly setting Girl Scouts on the path toward becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Aubrey’s project was called “Christmas Time” where her and another troop member set out to collect gently used and new Christmas decorations to bring Christmas cheer to the elderly who do not have family or visitors at local nursing homes or low income senior living facilities. Prior to collection these boxes were decorated and placed at various stores, businesses including church and school. The response from the community was amazing and over 1000 items were collected in support of the cause. After successful collection of these Christmas items nursing nursing homes and senior living communities were contacted and those who often find them selves lonely during the Christmas holidays all of a sudden became overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit. Aubrey says the best part of this project was looking at all the smiling faces as they walked away. Aubrey would also like to thank the many families at Holy Cross who assisted her with donations and support to make this possible.

Congratulations, Aubrey! Keep up the amazing work!

May 162016


This senior class has distinguished itself by giving in a special way and in a big way.  Almost 50% of this class has donated blood one or more times over the course of their high school years.  That is an amazing number, when you consider only 5% of the general population who are eligible, actually donate!  We hope you will continue this life saving service to others.

Today we present a special honor, “The Red Cord,” given in appreciation by the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, to seniors have donated 6 or more units since they were eligible at age 16.   An amazing 25 seniors, over 1/3 of the class, have achieved this honor.

Congratulations Class of 2016!


May 132016

Ms. Farias - Classroom



On Friday, May 6, 2016, Holy Cross of San Antonio English Teacher, Ms. Licia Farias was honored at the 25th Annual Catholic Schools Leadership Awards Banquet. Archdiocese of San Antonio holds this banquet to recognize and honor teachers who demonstrate outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching. Each of the Catholic schools chooses a faculty member that they would like to recognize at the banquet for their outstanding leadership in education. Ms. Farias was not only selected as the faculty member from Holy Cross of San Antonio, but she was also awarded the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Teacher of the Year, which is awarded to only one of the honoree recipients. Ms. Farias will be representing Holy Cross and the Archdiocese at several major events throughout the 2016-2017 school year as the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Teacher of the Year.

We are very proud of Ms. Farias and feel blessed to have her as a member of the Holy Cross family.



May 122016

Via 3

7th Grader, Amanda Rodriguez, Wins VIA Art Contest

Congratulations to Miss Amanda Rodriguez, Class of 2021, who won 1st place in the VIA Art Contest. She was honored at a luncheon on Wednesday, May 11th. Her drawing competed against 4,000 other entries.

To enter the contest students had to independently illustrate how to be a safety superhero. It had to be an original drawing including public transportation.

Congratulations, Amanda! Way to go!


Via Contest Winner

May 112016



Holy Cross has always been knowledgeable for tradition, alumni, athletics, but most importantly, high academic achievement.

Briana Torres, Class of 2016, is the fourth student at Holy Cross of San Antonio to receive the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. This scholarship covers all of Briana’s college expenses all through her undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees. The eighteen year old senior was born in San Antonio to Yleana and Lemuel Torres. She also has a younger sister Julie and younger brother Jakob.

Since her adolescence, Briana has always been instilled with the values of achieving her goals. She was taught how to become an attentive and fast learner at a young age. Briana had already come to know and set goals for herself in life. As she carried them into her high school years she set out to be one of the best students at Holy Cross. Briana always took the most demanding classes that the school had to offer; in the course of her time at Holy Cross she has taken 6 Advanced Placement courses and has maintained a grade point average of above a 4.0. She will be graduating Holy Cross as the Salutatorian.

Not only is Briana an excellent student inside the classroom, she is also a very involved person outside of it. She participates in many extracurricular clubs at Holy Cross. To name a few, she participates in the Student Knight Ambassadors, Moreau Mentors, Academic/Speech Team, and the Drama Club. Briana is also a part of the National Hispanic Institute of San Antonio, a non-profit program that teaches young students how to debate on topics of the Latino community, where she is the category trainer for Cross Examination. As a trainer she has assisted in coaching the champions of the Ambassador Great Debate in 2014, and 2015.

Briana Torres is a person that values faith, tradition, and academic achievement which are the core values at Holy Cross.

She will be attending the University of Texas at Austin, where she will be enrolled in the Plan II Honors Program, double-majoring in Neuroscience and Political Science.

Congratulations, Briana!

Written by: Briana Torres and Eric De Leon

May 112016



Acoustic Knight was held this past Saturday, May 6th.  This is the 9th year of Acoustic Knight, it is a live music show where Holy Cross students can present their musical or vocal talents. This year’s Acoustic Knight was held at Treadaway Recital Hall at St. Mary’s University. Congratulations to all of our student participants.