May 162016


To the Players, Parents, Alumni and Supporters of the Holy Cross Knight Football:

The Holy Cross Knights are sponsoring the annual KNIGHT OF CHAMPIONS LIFT-A-THON on May 20, 2016 at Holy Cross.

Each player will get $.05 or $.10 per pound donations or flat donations (preferred).  If the donation is by the pound it will be the result of the players combined bench, dead lift and clean.  We are asking each player to get a minimum pledge of $250.  The first $200  of their amount raised will go to the summer strength and conditioning and MVP performance camp.  The next $50 will go to the purchase of an End Zone Camera and Tripod.

PROCEDURES:  Each participant with the help of his parents/friends will seek sponsors to donate any amount towards the lift-a-thon.  The athlete will acquire a pledge per pound or flat donation and record it neatly and accurately on the form given to them.  Flat donations should be turned in the day of the lift-a-thon and any pledges per pound should be turned in no later than the 27th of May (7 days after the lift- a-thon).  Please make check payable to Holy Cross of San Antonio.


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