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Holy Cross has always been knowledgeable for tradition, alumni, athletics, but most importantly, high academic achievement.

Briana Torres, Class of 2016, is the fourth student at Holy Cross of San Antonio to receive the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship. This scholarship covers all of Briana’s college expenses all through her undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees. The eighteen year old senior was born in San Antonio to Yleana and Lemuel Torres. She also has a younger sister Julie and younger brother Jakob.

Since her adolescence, Briana has always been instilled with the values of achieving her goals. She was taught how to become an attentive and fast learner at a young age. Briana had already come to know and set goals for herself in life. As she carried them into her high school years she set out to be one of the best students at Holy Cross. Briana always took the most demanding classes that the school had to offer; in the course of her time at Holy Cross she has taken 6 Advanced Placement courses and has maintained a grade point average of above a 4.0. She will be graduating Holy Cross as the Salutatorian.

Not only is Briana an excellent student inside the classroom, she is also a very involved person outside of it. She participates in many extracurricular clubs at Holy Cross. To name a few, she participates in the Student Knight Ambassadors, Moreau Mentors, Academic/Speech Team, and the Drama Club. Briana is also a part of the National Hispanic Institute of San Antonio, a non-profit program that teaches young students how to debate on topics of the Latino community, where she is the category trainer for Cross Examination. As a trainer she has assisted in coaching the champions of the Ambassador Great Debate in 2014, and 2015.

Briana Torres is a person that values faith, tradition, and academic achievement which are the core values at Holy Cross.

She will be attending the University of Texas at Austin, where she will be enrolled in the Plan II Honors Program, double-majoring in Neuroscience and Political Science.

Congratulations, Briana!

Written by: Briana Torres and Eric De Leon

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