Jun 052015


Holy Cross’  “Angel of  Holy Cross,” Vikki Carr has been a longtime supporter of  Holy Cross of San Antonio. When the Holy Cross of San Antonio was on the brink of closing,  the Brothers of Holy Cross met with Ms. Carr and asked for her help with a benefit concert to save the school.  Impressed by the Holy Cross Brothers, she agreed to help. According to the San Antonio Express-News, she performed numerous benefit concerts for Holy Cross since 1968, when she first learned it was in danger of closing.

Brother Stanley Culotta is quoted is the San Antonio Express-News article as saying, “She put the spotlight on Holy Cross when we needed it the most. Best of all, she recognizes that education is extremely important. And she is so proud to hear when students are funded under her own scholarship.”  Ms. Carr, who established the Vikki Carr Scholarship Foundation in 1971, was Holy Cross’ first female honorary graduate.

To read the full length San Antonio Express-News article on Ms. Vikki Carr please CLICK HERE.

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