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We have been putting the final touches on the planning efforts involving the rescheduled dates for our Softball Tournament. While the new brackets will be provided shortly, the following information should give everyone the information they need to plan accordingly. If anyone has any questions about the event, please contact any one of us on the Committee (contact info below). Thanks again and looking forward to a great tournament!

New Tournament Dates:
* Friday, June 5th (4p – 10p) – Four games will be played (starting at 6pm);
* Saturday, June 6th (6a – 10p) – Remaining games will be played (starting at 8am and going through to Championship rounds, ending at 8pm)

* Camp Sites: All existing camp sites will be honored, however to ensure ease of set up and tear down we will only allow pop-up tents – no professionally-installed tents will be permitted. We will not allow trucks/vehicles on the track this weekend, so anything you can carry or roll will be allowed through one of the two access points (Rivas entrance or Main lot entrance)

* BBQ: While you are welcomed to BBQ on Friday we will not have security overnight, which means you will need to take your pit back home or chain it up and hope it’s still there in the morning.

* Security: We will have security on site for Friday afternoon and Saturday all day. There will be no security provided overnight.

* Parking: We will be honoring the decals for those that purchased spots in the main parking lot. Please hold onto them for Friday/Saturday. If you need another one, just reach out to us (contact below). The back parking lot behind the softball field will be free parking. We are still confirming whether Gus Garcia’s parking lot will be available. We will update each of you if this is confirmed.

* Beer: You are welcomed to bring your choice of beverage, provided that it is in a can. Please refrain from bringing bottles or liquor on campus. Please be sure to bring your own ice as well – we will not be selling any.

* Captains: We will need you to confirm your participation. Please review the brackets and call, text or email us to confirm.

Bracket Contact: Arthur Mancinas; 210-663-2177;
Chair Contact: Juan Barrera; 703-477-4681;
Parking Contact: Charlie Davis; 210-912-6692;






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