May 202014

On behalf of the David Vega Scholarship Selection Committee we want to thank each student for taking the time to apply to this memorial scholarship. Each application involved the students’ unique voice, level of community involvement and their post-high school goals. Each question allowed our review committee to gain a solid understanding of what it means to be a Holy Cross Knight. It was a tough and thorough process, which included the use of predefined criteria and a point-system from which we could use to weigh each candidate. The results included objective evaluations from six members, as well as post-evaluation group discussions to compare respective scores.

The applications were so compelling that our Selection Committee has decided to include a runner-up award for each grade level!

The following individuals were selected for the top award of $1,000:

Senior: Aaron Alfaro

Junior: Brianna Torres

The following individuals were selected for the runner-up award of $250:

Senior: Adam James

Junior: Jenessa Rivera

These awards will be applied to each students’ tuition fees for the 2015 school year. Thank you to the students who participated.

We also appreciate the assistance and support from the Holy Cross team in helping us make this first year a successful one. We continue to learn new and improved ways of making this scholarship even more successful in the future.

In Holy Cross,

Juan Barrera

Class of 1988

Class President (2012-2014)

Arthur Mancinas

Class of 1988

Incoming Class President (2014-2016)

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