Sep 012012

There will be a Beautification Day on September 8th from 9 a.m.  to 12 p.m.  The Middle School and High School can count the hours for service, however the High School students must count the hours as “non-core”  or “single event” service hours.

Please report to the patio area behind the grotto.  Volunteers are advised to bring the following necessary items: gloves, knee pads, hat, and bug spray. Other helpful tools would be: shovels, brooms, weed eaters, pruners, power sprayers.   Students and adults will be laying fresh mulch, weeding, edging, power spraying, a little planting of some flowers in the front, and rose bush trimming around the grotto. Waters and snacks will be available. Donations are appreciated.  Please contact Didi Gracia with questions and ideas–210-393-3844 or

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