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Mr. Marcelo Ovalle 1915 - 2009

(San Antonio, Texas) Holy Cross of San Antonio will host a special recognition ceremony in memory of Mr. Marcelo Ovalle… (January 16, 1915 – February 10, 2009) who bequeathed his estate in the amount of $759,019 to Holy Cross of San Antonio, a Catholic co-ed college preparatory middle and high school located in San Antonio’s Westside. In its 53 year history, this is the largest single planned gift received by the school. The recognition ceremony will be held on Thurs., Feb. 10 at 9:30 a.m., Holy Cross of San Antonio’s Convocation Center (new Gym), 426 N. San Felipe St., San Antonio, Texas 78228. Please send RSVP to eegarcia@holycross-sa.org.

The planned gift that Mr. Ovalle has left to the school will be used for education activities. Students enrolled at Holy Cross of San Antonio who qualify for financial assistance will be able to receive aid.

Brother Stanley Culotta, C.S.C., M.D., President of Holy Cross of San Antonio said, “It is an honor for the school to receive a planed gift from a generous and modest man, who believed in Catholic education. His legacy will live on at Holy Cross by making a difference in the lives of our current and future students.”

His family and friends describe him as a discreet, kind, and generous man. During his lifetime, he gave to numerous charities. He was a long-time resident of the City’s Westside community where he joined in weekly Mass as a parishioner of St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Mr. Ovalle was a devout Catholic who attended Mass regularly.

Mr. Ovalle had no children of his own. The executor of his estate is his nephew Mr. Francisco A. Zepeda. Mr. Zepdeda recalls that he worked for many years at the “San Antonio Light” newspaper as a printer and proofreader.

He studied law a St. Mary’s University, but never took the bar exam. Family members describe him as valuing education and his faith.

Mr. Ovalle never had any direct relation to Holy Cross of San Antonio. “One thing is certain, he had always intended to leave Holy Cross this gift,” said Mrs. Irma Zepeda, wife of Mr. Ovalle’s nephew.  “I found a to-do-list from awhile back where he listed Holy Cross as the beneficiary. Eventually, he wrote it into his will.”

“Mr. Ovalle’s gift is already making a difference at our school,” said Mr. Henry Galindo, Principal of Holy Cross of San Antonio.  “He has left a ‘light’ at Holy Cross which will allow our school to better serve our students and our families.”

The Brothers of Holy Cross founded the school in 1957 steeped in tradition and education. Holy Cross serves as the only co-educational college preparatory school centrally located in San Antonio’s Westside. Based on the principles of the Brothers of Holy Cross, the school’s educational mission helps break the cycle of poverty and opens doors to higher education. For more information, visit Holy Cross of San Antonio, “Shining for the Rest of the World,” at www.HolyCross-sa.com.

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News Release Issued 1/20/2011

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  1. Like many I spoke with and who’ve commented I too, jumped for joy and thanked our God for the generosity of Mr. Ovalle. This generous Legacy of Light ™
    http://www.holycross-sa.com/Planned-giving.aspx should inspire all to consider lighting the way for future generations of Holy Cross students. My suggestion that as a community let’s ask the priest at St. Paul to offer a Mass in thanksgiving for the intentions of Mr. Ovalle. One must never forget the infinite graces that flow from the Sacrifice of the Mass which benefit one’s soul.

  2. Amen Rene! its amazing to be apart of all the Great Things happening at the school. I strongly encourage all alumni to come by and see first hand what is going on at Holy Cross! Especially alumni with children who will be attending private school now or in the near future. I have seen first hand what a quality education and the “life time” EXPERIENCE Holy Cross continues to provide! Daughter Victoria 2009 and Madi 2012.

  3. I saw this in the new Annual Report I recently received. It really touched me that such a generous man who had no personal dealings with Holy Cross would leave such a legacy. God truly continues to bless our fine school with not only the Brothers present and past, but with parents, friends and of course our fine Alumini. We must continue to support our school so more and more kids can experience a lifetime of goodness.

  4. What a generous and unselfish act. We, as members of the Holy Cross community, are truly grateful for his generosity and thoughtfulness. This gift will be such a great help to our students and families.

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